Psychology & Counseling Major. Top Psychology & Counseling Schools

A program in Psychology is aimed at preparing students for their own psychological counseling practice. Usually their work will involve provision of therapy to groups or individuals with psychological issues and symptoms of distress.

As a rule, it encompasses courses in the theory of counseling, strategies of therapeutic intervention, relationships between patients and counselor, procedures and methods of assessment and testing, group therapy, therapy for families, children and adolescents, practice of supervised counseling, standards of ethics, and government regulations in the field.

Psychology & Counseling in details

Top Schools For Psychology & Counseling

Institution name Tuition Control Acceptance Rate
Lynchburg, Virginia
$19.486 Private Non-Profit 24%
San Antonio, Texas
$10.822 Public 0%
Tempe, Arizona
$7.758 Public 0%
Costa Mesa, California
$6.320 Public 0%
Cypress, California
$6.152 Public 0%
Glendale, California
$5.663 Public 0%

Data provided by U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences