Physical Sciences Major. Top Physical Sciences Schools

The sphere of physical sciences covers a wide range of majors, such as geology, physics, astronomy, and chemistry. It may also encompass mathematics and biology. The bachelor programs of universities and colleges prepare teachers of science for elementary and secondary schools and usually concentrate on general background knowledge in the above disciplines.

Usually students pursuing their Bachelor degree in Physical Science will have to study the fundamentals of a number of branches of science, as well as science education. The undergrads will also get a broad experience in laboratory experiments.

Physical Sciences in details

Top Schools For Physical Sciences

Institution name Tuition Control Acceptance Rate
Lynchburg, Virginia
$19.486 Private Non-Profit 24%
San Antonio, Texas
$10.822 Public 0%
Tempe, Arizona
$7.758 Public 0%
Costa Mesa, California
$6.320 Public 0%
Cypress, California
$6.152 Public 0%
Glendale, California
$5.663 Public 0%

Data provided by U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences