Environmental Sciences Major. Top Environmental Sciences Schools

Environmental science is considered to be a generalist degree in the sphere of natural sciences. It encompasses a wide range of studies and is based on traditional sciences, such as ecology, geography, chemistry, physics and biology, as well as sociology, business or economics. Usually, environmental science undergrads concentrate within a field of their choice, such as conservation, energy, sustainability, etc. As a rule, programs in environmental science envisage a lot of work in the field, laboratory or other data processing efforts.

Environmental sciences offer a wide range of careers with combination of desk and field work and focus on writing, physics, and mathematics.

Environmental Sciences in details

Top Schools For Environmental Sciences

Institution name Tuition Control Acceptance Rate
Lynchburg, Virginia
$19.486 Private Non-Profit 24%
San Antonio, Texas
$10.822 Public 0%
Tempe, Arizona
$7.758 Public 0%
Costa Mesa, California
$6.320 Public 0%
Cypress, California
$6.152 Public 0%
Glendale, California
$5.663 Public 0%

Data provided by U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences nces.ed.gov