Computer and Information Sciences Major. Top Computer and Information Sciences Schools

If you plan to pursue a degree in the field of computer and information sciences, you will be trained to develop and customize computer programs, create and improve networks, as well as manage IT projects. Before specializing in your particular area, you will have courses in computer science, math, software, programming, graphics, robotics, etc. as an introduction.

With a degree in computer and information sciences you will easily find a job of your interest, as IT experts are always in high demand in many different industries.

Computer and Information Sciences in details

Top Schools For Computer and Information Sciences

Institution name Tuition Control Acceptance Rate
Lynchburg, Virginia
$19.486 Private Non-Profit 24%
San Antonio, Texas
$10.822 Public 0%
Tempe, Arizona
$7.758 Public 0%
Costa Mesa, California
$6.320 Public 0%
Cypress, California
$6.152 Public 0%
Glendale, California
$5.663 Public 0%

Data provided by U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences