College Gpa Calculator

The grade point average (GPA) is the numerical value of the letter grades a student is assigned for each class he or she has completed. This is the score that will play a pivotal role during your application process to the colleges and universities.

Whether you are planning to apply for a certain college of your choice or just checking on your current academic performance to see what kind of schools you can consider, we’ve compiled a convenient and quick online GPA calculator to help you with this.

There are a couple of factors that can influence your GPA because it depends on both the types of classes you are taking (honors or college level ones vs. regular classes) and the number of credits you are given upon completion of each course. The table below allows you to determine your cumulative GPA score using both simple and credit weighed methods.

Class Grade
Credit Hours
Semester GPA:
Total Credit Hours: 0
Weighted GPA Total: 0
GPA Scale

How to calculate your Grade Point Average (GPA)

To use the GPA calculator, follow simple steps:

A = 4.0
B = 3.0
C = 2.0
D = 1.0

Step 2 - Enter Your Credit Hours and Grades

Course Credit Hours Grade Weighted GPA
Chemistry 3 B 9
Economics 2 A 8
Math 3 D 3
English 1 C 2
Total: 9 Total: 22

Step 3 - See Your GPA

Weighted GPA
2.44 GPA
Credit Hours

The table above provided you with an idea of your basic GPA score that can be changed if your school is using a slightly different grading system, for example assigning 5 points for an A+ in certain classes. However, this is the number that will get you started and you now understand what kind of things to pay attention to while figuring out your high college performance.

Frequent Questions About GPA

1. GPA for failed classes

Q: How to count the classes that I took but didn’t finish?
A: The classes that you didn’t obtain any credits for in your grade transcript (Incomplete and Withdrawn ones) are not included in your GPA score.

2. Minimum GPA

Q: What is the minimum GPA required to get into college?
A: Every school is different in its selection criteria and this is why calculating your GPA as soon as possible can help you determine what college you can apply for. Use our search system to browse the schools based on their GPA requirements and see if you need to take more advanced classes to secure your spot.

3. GPA above 4 points

Q: Why does the college I chose talk about GPA that is more than 4?
A: Some classes that are considered more rigorous (such as AP and honor classes) can weigh 4.5 or 5 points for a maximum A+ grade due to more workload they require. If your college factors in such advanced courses, then your GPA is actually higher that the number you got using this table. Contact your school to find out more about their GPA grading system.

Data provided by U.S. Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences